Hangao Tech (SEKO Machinery) Conducts Voluntary Service Activities in Nucleic Acid Testing

  • By:Iris
  • Date:2022/05/31

In the early morning of May 17, Leliu Street launched the second round of large-scale nucleic acid testing. At the nucleic acid testing point of Fu'an Village Committee where Hangao Tech (SEKO Machinery) is located, our volunteers appeared on the scene to maintain order, help residents prepare for nucleic acid testing in advance, and help the whole nation to carry out nucleic acid testing smoothly.

In order to carry out volunteer service activities for epidemic prevention and control, the party committee of Hangao Tech (SEKO Machinery) attached great importance to it and made specific arrangements for the work of volunteer services. The volunteers performed their respective duties and provided a strong guarantee for the nucleic acid testing of all staff. One is to do a good job of testing "order maintainers".

At the designated nucleic acid testing sites, line up in an orderly manner, maintain a good social distance, and remind residents and employees of nearby factories to wear masks and take personal protection throughout the process. The second is to do a good job of information "registrar". Do a good job of entering information for residents who have not completed nucleic acid testing. The third is to be a "waiter" for the elderly, children and pregnant women. Arrange them to enter the "green channel" and assist them in completing nucleic acid testing.

The epidemic is an order. The volunteers of Hangao Tech (SEKO Machinery) dare to take social responsibilities, are willing to contribute, and fully carry forward the original spirit of "not afraid of hardship and fatigue". In this battle without gunpowder smoke, Henkel's corporate culture of "contributing to society" is fully demonstrated. In the front line of the fight against the epidemic, a beautiful landscape has lit up. In the days to come, we will continue to actively fulfill our social responsibilities. While providing customers with high-quality internal weld bead rolling machine, we will continue to contribute to winning the battle against the epidemic.




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