Protecting the Environment Starts by Garbage Classification

  • By:Iris
  • Date:2022/05/21

In order to implement the policy of "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets" proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, Foshan City will soon implement a pilot measure of garbage classification. The implementation of garbage classification is related to people's living environment and the economical use of resources, which is also an important manifestation of the level of social civilization. The earth's resources are limited, but human desires tend to be infinite. Adhering to sustainable development is one of the directions for the continuation of human beings in the future.

 On April 1, 2022, Guangdong Han Gao Technology Co., Ltd. actively participated in the voluntary activity of garbage classification knowledge popularization organized by Leliu Sub-district Office. Many volunteers from our company first participated in the relevant knowledge training on garbage classification, established the concept of garbage classification, and learned the knowledge of garbage classification. Afterwards, the volunteers held activities about garbage classification, designed corresponding mini-games to guide the masses, advocated the habit of garbage classification to the masses, used practical actions to protect green homes, conveyed the importance of garbage classification to protect the environment, and called on citizens to form an energy-saving Environmental awareness, cultivate the good habit of garbage classification, encourage the masses to practice, and be the propagandists, advocates and practitioners of garbage classification. Some volunteers held brochures promoting garbage classification and distributed garbage classification brochures from house to house, explaining in detail the basic knowledge and significance of "garbage classification".

Attention to environmental protection is also one of the principles of Hangao Tech. Therefore, our online bright annealing furnace and stainless steel industrial tube mill line are designed with the recycling of water and gas in mind. In addition to cost control, the more important thing is to protect the environment and save resources. This event coincides with our purpose. Through a series of vivid and easy-to-understand methods, volunteers took the lead to publicize the importance of garbage classification to the public, popularize the knowledge of garbage classification, and enhance the enthusiasm and initiative of all members of the society to participate in garbage classification.




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