Do You Understand the Production Process of Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine?

  • Date:2020/09/27

Do You Understand the Production Process of Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine?

The production process of stainless steel pipe making machine equipment, do you understand the process of each step? Let me elaborate on what the production process looks like. Here, first list the decorative control pipe machine.


The steel is placed orderly through the feeding rack, and the steel is transported to the forming section through the motor power traction, and continues all the way.

Forming section

The flat steel strip is extruded through a roll mould to form the beginning of the stainless steel tube prototype.

Welding section

the two edges of the steel belt are rolled up and welded at high temperature by the welder, which is called the weld of the stainless steel pipe.

Grinding section

grind the concave and convex weld of the stainless steel pipe through the high-temperature state of the water-cooled stainless steel pipe to improve the level of the weld. Fixing straightening: stainless steel pipe roundness by welding high temperature and water cooling will be some deformation. The roundness or square of the stainless steel tube is finally determined by straightening the roller.

Cutting section

through saw blade cutting or hydraulic cutting, according to the user's actual demand of pipe length intelligent cutting pipe. Blanking: Through the blanking rack, the semi-finished products can be placed without damage or pressure.


semi-finished products are transferred to the polishing machine of stainless steel pipe for surface packaging of finished products.This is the production process of stainless steel decorative tube machine, do you understand? More is to find the right manufacturers, our Henkel machinery has been the brand is loud, let you rest assured use, in the process of installation, do not understand the place, our installation master will be one by one guidance, so that you use peace of mind, rest assured, let the output up.




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