Automatic Welding Tracking System


Automatic Welding Tracking System

This system is mainly applied to rectify and track the stainless steel seam tube in the TIG welding process automatically,solving the problem of increasing labor cost and poor-quality welding caused by visual fatigue. The system adopts advanced intelligent vision technology,integrate with optical and electric technology.There have not discovered its similar products in domestic currently.This system captures the welding video of the welding bead and the dock bar through the visual acquisition system and calculates the offset of the dock bar by applying vision technology,thereby controlling the position of the dock bar in the process of motor device real-time correction, achieving to tracking automatically and realize unattended high quality welding requirements finally.

Performance Characteristic 

Non-contact,no abrasion after long-time operation.

High recognition precision .

Visual effect,triune images of dock bar,molten pool and welding bead     

Good stability,adopt embodying system that is more stable and reliable than the PC motor control system. 

User-friendly interface ,design to be windows pattern,easy-using and the non-professional can operate as well.  




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