Servo Type


  • High speed: 1-7m/min
  • Small occupation of land: the area of land is reduced by 50%
  • Clean site: no hydraulic oil pollution

Through breakthrough and innovation, the leveling equipment driven by electric servo is developed for the problems existing in the existing equipment. The servo drive ball wire rod is used to make the leveling car return accurately and smoothly. The welding seam is rolled and the electro-hydraulic supercharging cylinder is adopted, so that the high power output and low power input can be realized by using the characteristics of the electro-hydraulic supercharging cylinder. The problem of high power and high pressure is solved perfectly. The ball wire rod is driven directly by servo motor, the power of the motor is very large, and the ball wire rod is high load. The characteristics of servo motor and the effect of energy saving are not brought into play.

Equipment characteristic

High precision: using servo motor to drive the precision wire rod to drive the leveling car to move, the operation is softer.

High speed :1-7m/min.

Small occupation of land: the area of land is reduced by 50%.

Clean site: no hydraulic oil pollution.

No hydraulic station:reduce equipment operation and use cost, and customers do not need to arrange cooling water pipes and purchase cooling towers.

the installation is convenient and convenient, the equipment is in place and the center, the horizontal and the height are fixed and can be used.

Energy saving, low consumption, 5.5KW motor power, lower customer's long-term use cost.

Low operation cost: no hydraulic station, no replacement of hydraulic oil cost (4000 rmb/ 360L), no need for hydraulic station and other maintenance items, equipment stability is higher.




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