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"Intelligent Manufacturing" Continues To Develop New Productive Forces

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On the afternoon of April 7, Hangao Tech (SEKO) went to the Longjiang Ganzhutan Power Station Historical Exhibition Hall to conduct corporate culture construction activities and learn about the history of Shunde's industrial development.

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Stepping into the door of the history museum, you will first get a general introduction about this period of history, and then you will see the eye-catching characters "Fighting with Nature".

This is a true portrayal of the difficult production and living conditions at that time. Without the courage and courage to fight against the sky and the earth, it would be impossible for the people of Shunde to realize the idea of asking for land and food from the sea under such difficult living and production conditions!


Moving inside, there is a large sand table showing the topography of the central ditch at that time. The instructor introduced the landforms and hydrological characteristics at that time. The more detailed we understand, the more we will admire the courage and wisdom of the working people at that time.


1. The commentator will introduce the specific situation of the central ditch reclamation project to everyone.

"What you see on paper is only shallow in the end, but you know that you have to do it." We all know that starting a business is difficult, but in the past, we only relied on imagination, which was somewhat like a castle in the air. This time, through the explanation and the precious historical photos and materials that have been preserved, everyone has a deeper and multi-dimensional understanding of the word "hardship".


2. Colleagues listened carefully to the explanation, viewed the exhibits, and thought deeply

After visiting the history of reclamation construction, the next step is an introduction to the construction of power stations. In this exhibition hall, we have a deeper understanding that the truth that "science and technology is the primary productive force" will never go out of date.


3. The power station invented and built by Shunde people won the National Science Conference Award in 1978 due to its breakthrough design.

Today, when the development of "new productive forces" is advocated, how to inherit and carry forward the spirit of innovation and hard work of "Ganzhutan Power Station"? This certificate not only represents an honor, but also represents a reminder! Just like Hangao Tech, although it has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing stainless steel welding pipe making machine line, it still insists on process innovation and technological innovation, and always looks at things together with our customers. This is the core of our corporate culture.


Finally, we saw the Ganzhutan Power Station, which was the protagonist of the entire Shunde's efforts at that time and was also the heart of Shunde's industrial development at that time!

Every design of the power station reflects the ingenuity of the people at that time.

At this point, this culture-building themed activity has come to a successful conclusion. Everyone who participated has gained a lot, and it has also aroused a lot of thinking and resonance. Today, when all industries are thinking about how to develop "new productivity", the spirit of Ganzhutan Power Station will become a spiritual torch for future generations, leading us to continue to forge ahead in our respective industries and reminding ourselves not to slack off.

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