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Guangdong Hangao Technology Co., Ltd. distinguishes itself as a premier one-stop service provider in China for high-end stainless steel industrial pipe equipment. Our extensive portfolio includes precision welded pipe production lines, weld bead rolling machines, online and offline bright annealing equipment, welding tracking systems, intelligent control systems, finish rolled pipe bright annealing machines, rotary black annealing machines, and more. We pride ourselves on seamlessly integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales, and comprehensive support services to meet the diverse needs of our clientele.

Tube Mill & Pipe Production Line

Hangao stands as the global frontrunner in delivering turnkey, fully automated stainless steel tube manufacturing equipment and tube mill lines. With a rich legacy of over two decades in the industry, we boast a comprehensive team dedicated to design, manufacturing, and after-sales support. Our extensive offerings encompass laser-welded tube machines, quick mold change stainless steel manufacturing machines, precision stainless steel tube making machines, titanium-welded tube manufacturing machines, and a spectrum of cutting-edge solutions.

Bright Annealing Machine & Bright Annealing Production line

Hangao's stainless steel tube bright annealing machines have earned widespread acclaim, commanding an impressive 80% market share in China. Our commitment to continuous technological advancement, high-end bespoke services, and exemplary professional after-sales support has garnered recognition from discerning industry clients.

Whole Line Layout

Hangao's stainless steel pipe production line solution aligns seamlessly with the evolving landscape of smart industry, featuring integrated intelligent control systems capable of real-time production data recording and line management. Encompassing a diverse array of pipe diameters, our solution offers a range of welding methods, ensuring exceptional precision, speed, yield, and efficiency.


Tube Mill Forming & Welding & Sizing Section

It is composed of forming part, welding part, cooling part and sizing part.
At first, the forming part has the breakdown, side cluster and fin-pass to consecutively form the strip and the formed strip is melted by TIG welder at the welding part.

The melted part is pressurized by squeeze roll stand to shape the pipe.
The pipe is cooled down as passing through the cooling zone and it becomes a round pipe or angular pipe at the sizing part.

High Precision

 Shaft runout ≤ 0.03mm
Ensure stable equipment operation

Real Time Recording

Comprehensive recording and preservation of production line data, traceable to the welding current, solid solution power, current frequency, etc. of each steel pipe

Fast Speed

Ensure that the quality of the welded pipe meets ASME standards, and the speed can reach 7m/min when making 304 16*0.6mm pipes

High Yield

The yield can reach over 98%.

Automatic Water Cut-Off

Perforation alarm and automatic water stop function


With one click start stop function

Durable And Non-Deformed Machine Base

Use thick steel to weld together as a whole to tempering more than 4 hours twice to make sure that the machine can be used in long term without deformation

20 years process precipitation, Focus on high-end customization

 High yield: more than 98%
 High precision: shaft runout ≤0.01mm
 High speed: 1-15m/min

Automatic Roller Quick Change System

Online and automatic roller quickly change system, change roller in 10 minutes, resume production in 20 minutes

Long Bearing Life

Equipped with greasing nozzles for the bearing lubrication, the bearing life is largely improved

Digital Factory Upgrade

 Innovation Leads Intelligent IoT
 Perfect self-diagnosis function
 Intelligent factory MES system communication
 One-button preparation, start-stop function, information collection, parameter storage

Tube Mill Bright Annealing Section

Intelligent Bright Annealing Machine
Annealing machine is a specialized equipment used to heat pipes online to the required temperature, and then quickly cool them to below 100 ℃ under gas protection. It plays a role in reducing weld microstructure, refining weld grains, eliminating pipe stress, improving mechanical properties, and enhancing corrosion resistance.


Industry innovation: Insulation resistance monitoring and protection function: If the human body touches the output copper bar, connecting cable bare copper, or inductor conductor, it can protect the shutdown

 The remote start function allows the production line to remotely start the power supply online

 Water pump circuit breaker trip protection: When the water pump is overloaded, the circuit breaker trips and the equipment protection stops

 Low pressure protection for cooling water circulation. When the cooling water circulation pressure is too low, the protection shuts down
 Over temperature and low temperature alarm: When we set the high and low temperatures. In the normal production process, there is an alarm output when the temperature is too high or too low

 Data collection function: It can generate records of production process parameters and production data, save them in the HMI disk, and trace the data

It can provide an address for the upper computer and read the working status and data of the power supply through the modbus protocol

Temperature curve generation: Temperature curve data can be saved in the HMI interface USB flash drive. As long as the USB flash drive has sufficient storage space, it can be protected for a year

 Tunnel movement function: When the device encounters abnormal resistance during operation, the device automatically moves and triggers the protection system

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