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Premium Steel Pipe Making Machines Manufacture

Hangao Tech introduces advanced Weld Bead Rolling Equipment, excelling in precision and efficiency for flawless tube production. Explore our machinery designed to optimize the welding bead rolling process.

Service & Support

One Stop Service

Dedicated to building a one-stop service platform for high-end industrial welded pipe equipment

Widely Used

Widely applicable in various fields, suitable for various materials, and products comply with various international standards

Custom Design

Tailored technical solutions or even factory output solutions for customers

Installation And Commissioning

Can provide better installation, debugging, and maintenance for customers

High End Configuration

Stainless steel pipe making machines and other welding pipe equipment are equipped with high-end, advanced technology, and intelligent and precise control

R&D Innovation

Continuously innovate and learn, while establishing cooperative relationships with universities

If Our Product Is What You Want

Please get in touch with our team immediately to answer you with a more professional solution
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Add: No. 23 Gaoyan Road, Duyang Town, Yun 'anDistrictYunfu City. Guangdong Province

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Guangdong Hangao Technology Co., Ltd. is China's only one with high-end precision industrial welded pipe production line full set of equipment manufacturing capabilities.
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