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Guangdong Hangao Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangao is a 20 years high-tech and specialized enterprise, is China's only one with high-end precision industrial welded pipe production line full set of equipment manufacturing capabilities. At the same time, we have the R&D and manufacturing capacity of precision pipe welding machine, weld bead roller machine, bright annealing machine, off-line rotating annealing line, welding tracking system, intelligent control system, mould and other whole plant equipment. Products are exported to Dubai, Russia, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Serbia, Costa Rica, South Korea, the United States, Australia and other countries.
 After 20 years of development, many of our technologies are leading the world and leading the trend.
 The world's first intelligent insulation type bright annealing equipment, insulation section temperature accurate to ±2℃, better guarantee heat treatment quality;

 The world's largest full-air cooled rotary off-line black annealing production line of 1600KW, manufacturing Out Diameter 219-762, thickness 3-20mm, energy saving more than 20%, no need for second straightening after annealing, efficiency increased 20%;

 The world's first induction fine rolled pipe off-line bright solution production line, with significant advantages such as small size, energy saving and high efficiency.

 The world's first high-speed welding bead roller equipment.
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  • The Internet of Things production line monitoring system through the Internet cloud platform, also significantly reduces the cost of service acquisition and technical threshold of enterprise users, improve the efficiency and quality of enterprise products and competitiveness.

  • Equipment precision technology upgrade, adopt Henkel unique technology, higher precision: shaft runout ≤0.01mm, servo motor drive, leveling equipment, cutting machine.

  • In 2019, the laser welding production line was successfully developed and applied in the United States.

  • The wire bright solution production line was successfully developed and put into use in Australia, with the fastest speed: 150m/min, which broke the industry record.

  • In 2017, high-speed servo leveling machine was developed successfully, which has the remarkable characteristics of small area, low energy consumption and clean site.

  • (36-108m) offline finishing tube bright annealing equipment successfully developed. In zhejiang Jiu Li put into use.
    HanJie –type weld bead rolling equipment successfully developed, because the device has the characteristics of low cost, energy saving, now it have hot market.

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Guangdong Hangao Technology Co., Ltd. is China's only one with high-end precision industrial welded pipe production line full set of equipment manufacturing capabilities.
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