Hangao Tech attended to "Good Living, Realizes Dreams" Activity and Sent Warmth

  • By:Iris Liang
  • Date:2022/05/21

Hangao Tech (SEKO Machinery) as a local company in Shunde, is rooted here and deeply cultivated here. In response to the call of the Leliu Sub-district Office, on the afternoon of January 6, 2022, it participated in the "Good Living and Realizing Dreams" activity to support poor households. Help them improve the quality of their living environment and ignite hope for a new life.

In the early days of the campaign, we noticed a family in need of support in the community where the company is located. Uncle Jia, the recipient of assistance, was unable to work normally due to health reasons. The basic living expenses can only be maintained by the subsistence allowance every month. After learning about the situation from the organizer, we took the initiative to undertake Uncle Jia's "New Year's Wish" and donated a brand-new wardrobe, electric water heater and TV set for him. The staff inspected the circuit layout, voltage and line safety status on the spot, and took into account the specific installation location very intimately. Uncle Jia, the head of the household, expressed his sincere thanks to all the staff who were present, and took a group photo with the staff. Hope this little kindness can make him spend the Spring Festival this year happily.

As a local Shunde company, our tenet has always been to "build a stage for employees, create value for customers, and contribute to society". This event coincides with our company's philosophy, so at the beginning of the pledge campaign, we responded positively and participated actively. This is the embodiment of our upholding corporate culture and our original intention.

As a technologically innovative company, we have always been the beneficiaries of the macro policy environment and friendly business atmosphere. After realizing the corporate value, we are very willing to give back to the society and assume the social responsibility of a company. We also hope that with practical actions, our employees can truly feel the company's determination and attitude to do what it says.

As a company that focuses on meeting customer needs, we hope to allow customers to understand us in all directions and from multiple perspectives. Technology is cold and rational, but we who created this brand are warm, caring and willing to listen.

The year 2022 has arrived. We will keep seeking forward on the field related to SS tube mill line industrial pipe forming machine.  As our company grows and provides more and more jobs for the surrounding areas, we also hope to send warmth to the relatively disadvantaged groups in the society and assume more corresponding social responsibilities.




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