Listen to the Party and Follow the Party

  • By:Iris Liang
  • Date:2023/02/27

In order to enrich the organizational life and establish a close relationship between the party and the masses, on the morning of February 24, 2023, under the leadership of Secretary Xiao, the Party branch of SEKO Machinery (Hangao Tech) and the masses of its "two new organizations" visited Huanglong Village and Huanglong Academy in Shundele.

During the trip, combined with the professional explanation of the docent, the group learned about the process and significance of the gradual establishment of a new socialist modern countryside in Huanglong Village under the guidance of the Party, deeply felt the guiding significance of the Party in economic construction, and felt the cordial care of the Party for the ordinary people.

Shigao Branch Secretary Xiao expressed the hope that through this party building activity, Party members can further strengthen the Party spirit cultivation, close solidarity with the masses, build a solid foundation of ideals and beliefs, stimulate energy. I also hope that the people can truly understand the significance of rural governance, in the future can support the renovation work of the village, and stand together with the Party.




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