Advantages And Applications of Black Annealed Tube

  • By:Bonnie Auyeung
  • Date:2023/04/27

What Is Black Annealed Pipe?

Black annealed tube is a kind of most common cold rolled steel pipe heated to annealing temperature, surface color due to high temperature contact with air black tube. The surface is black because it has not been polished. Instead of undergoing galvanization for protection against corrosion, this type of steel goes through a chemical conversion process (blackening), which is used to create black iron oxide or magnetite. Its name comes from its appearance, a dark color surface due to the iron oxide coating.

Black annealed steel pipe is a steel pipe that has been annealed (heat treated) to remove its internal stress, making it stronger and more ductile. The annealing process, which involves heating the steel pipe to a certain temperature and then cooling it slowly, helps reduce the formation of cracks or other defects in the steel, resist corrosion and improve the durability of the pipe.


  • Heat resistant. Black pipes are used in fire sprinklers and pipes to transfer hot and cold water to heat exchangers because they are able to withstand high heat.
  • Corrosion resistance. Black pipes are made of mild steel, which gives them better corrosion resistance than cast iron pipes.
  • Seamless. Since the black tubes are cold drawn and rolled, they are sturdier and safer than the stitched variety. As a result, they can safely move propane and natural gas without the risk of explosion.
  • The cost is relatively lower. Black piping is cheaper to produce than galvanized piping, because the surface doesn't need to be treated.

What Are black Steel Pipes Used For ?

Black steel pipes are durable and require little maintenance, which makes them suitable for: Natural gas delivery, Water and fossil fuel transportation, High-pressure steam transportation, Electrical wire covers. Black steel pipes have a variety of use thanks to their strength and needs for little maintenance. They tend to be used for transporting gas and water to rural areas and urban areas or for conduits that protect electrical wiring and deliver high pressure steam and air.

In addition, black steel pipes are also used in oil and petroleum industries for piping large quantities of oil through remote areas. They are also used to build fire sprinkler systems because they can withstand high temperatures. Other uses of black steel pipes include gas distribution inside and outside homes, water wells and sewage systems. However, black steel pipes are never used for transporting potable water due to the fact that they tend to corrode in water and mineral of the pipe will dissolve into the water and clog the line as well. For more information on how to make black annealed tubes, click Online Welding Steel Tube Black Annealing Machine Induction Heat Treating Furnace  and  Rotary Black Annealing Production Line 




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