How to Use a Polishing Machine

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  • Date:2021/05/11

You can polish your paintwork either by hand or by employing a polishing machine. In general, the car polisher will provide better and faster service. If your car paint wants a more thorough gloss, it is worth using.


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Is a car polishing machine worth it?


When looking to shop for a polishing machine to buff paintwork yourself. There are a few of things that you simply should consider first:


The depth of the paintwork imperfection – even machine polishers won’t be ready to remove deep scratches. These would wish to be repaired professionally, employing a car bodywork repair specialist like market leaders.


A tip when deciding whether or not you would like to call within the specialists is to run your fingernail over the scratch. If your nail catches, albeit just very slightly, then you'll probably got to call the experts and obtain it repaired, because it is unlikely to shine out.


Your technical ability – If you don’t have prior experience and expertise when handling some sorts of machine polishers, you'll find yourself doing more harm than good, so if unsure , leave it to the professionals!


If your paintwork has extensive surface swirl marks, a hand polishing machine might not be enough to urge obviate these imperfections. Therefore, a car polishing machine would be an honest option. It’s also less taxing than polishing by hand, which needs tons of energy and energy .


If the condition of your paintwork is already excellent , the prices related to the machine might not be worthwhile . you ought to just keep it up top of the paintwork by regularly polishing it by hand.


If you’re confident in your ability and feel you would like to use a machine polisher overdoing by hand, we’ve began the method below:


How to use a car polishing machine


The first thing you would like to try to to is clean your car before using the car buffer. Any dirt or debris left on the paintwork may scratch the paint further.


Apply one blob of polish to the polishing head then spread the polish onto the paintwork which must be polished.


Place the pad on the paintwork and ensure it’s the setting is low.


Use the buffer to spread the polish round the area.


Now turn the buffer to the specified speed – this may depend upon which make of polish you're using, so make certain to follow the instructions on the container. Apply even pressure to the paintwork, pressing down on the buffer quite lightly, and not an excessive amount of in order that it could damage the paint and therefore the buffer.


Move the buffer slowly over the section to make a haze effect. you'll got to re-evaluate sections quite once.




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