Notes for Use of Stainless Steel Pipe Welding Machine

  • Date:2020/09/27


Stainless steel welded pipe equipment in the use of a lot of matters to pay attention to, and in the installation is the same, must pay attention to the following matters.

1.for raw materials, to use stainless steel welded pipe equipment for normal processing, it is necessary to pay attention to the raw materials in transportation or loading and unloading problems, try not to appear or scratch the situation.

2.for the use of the site, to ensure that the processing site should be stable, reprocessing table, do some paving, so as to avoid the phenomenon of the work table scratches in the operation of the steel pipe. the blanking construction, for the raw materials to be welded construction, or the use of shear, or the use of plasma cutting. When shearing operation, the use of such things as rubber bedding.

4.the use of stainless steel welding equipment after the completion of welding, to timely clean the surface, in order to ensure the best construction effect.

5.for the completion of good welding construction, but also do a good job of the finished product protection construction, try not to touch and other phenomena, so as to effectively avoid secondary pollution.

 before the use of stainless steel welding equipment for welding, in order to better ensure the quality of welding, must be done on the surface of the steel pipe cleaning.




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