What Is the Difference between Ordinary Stainless Steel Tubes And Stainless Steel Precision Tubes?

  • By:The stainless steel precision tube has a high-precision diameter and thickness, and the tolerance control range is relatively ...
  • Date:2021/09/14

The stainless steel precision tube has a high-precision diameter and thickness, and the tolerance control range is relatively good. The wall thickness is uniform, the inner wall is smooth, and there is no silk road; the roughness of the outer surface is smoother than that of the general pipe. Generally, there is no need for pickling, but the online protective atmosphere bright solid solution step is directly performed, and then the cutting is performed. The surface of the tube comes out bright and the weld is smooth. Generally, it can be directly applied to medicine, food, heat exchange, etc.

Ordinary stainless steel welded pipe does not need bright annealing treatment. The quality of the welding seam is not too high. Some do not even need to be pickled, only need to perform external polishing. Mainly used in furniture, door handles, guardrails, etc.

The manufacturing process of ordinary stainless steel pipes and stainless steel precision pipes is different, and the dimensional tolerances are different. Precision pipes have much higher accuracy requirements than ordinary ones.

The commonly used welded stainless steel square tube is polished and polished, and it looks bright and has a good gloss. Precision stainless steel pipes are safe, reliable, hygienic, environmentally friendly, and economically applicable. The thinning of pipes and the development of new reliable, simple and convenient connection methods have made them more irreplaceable advantages of other pipes, and the application in engineering will become more and more More, the use will become more and more popular, the prospects are promising.

In fact, many times, we will not use other steel pipes to replace, because the two of them are very different from the scope of performance to product application. The higher the precision of the pipeline, the more it can bring high added value to our products. Therefore, the precision stainless steel welded pipe is very test the process and design of production equipment. If you are also interested in cost-effective precision stainless steel welded pipe production equipment, please feel free to contact Hangao Tech (SEKO Machinery)!




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