Precautions When Using Welding Machine

  • By:Iris Liang
  • Date:2021/12/30

For general welding machines, especially arc welding machines, you should know some general knowledge before using them. Today, Hangao Tech (SEKO Machinery) will show you the main points:

1. It is forbidden to operate the welding machine's wiring and installation by yourself, and a dedicated electrician should be responsible. That is to say, the primary wiring, repair and inspection of arc welding equipment should be carried out by electricians, employees of other stations should not dismantle and repair without authorization, and the secondary wiring should be connected by welders.

2. Arc welding transformers and arc welding rectifiers are not allowed to be used without grounding to prevent electric shock accidents when the housing is electrified.

3. When the welding machine is connected to the power grid, it is forbidden that the two voltages do not match.

4. When pushing and pulling the power switch, wear dry leather gloves and avoid facing the switch, so as to avoid arc sparks and burn your face when pushing and pulling the switch, you should push and pull the switch sideways.

5. It is forbidden to use the welding machine against the rated current and load duration rate of the welding machine, so as to prevent the welding machine from being damaged by overload. Different pipe diameters are suitable for different currents and welding speeds. The processing recipe data can be found in the database of the PLC intelligent system of the automatic stainless steel welding pipe making machinery, and the parameters of the production line can be set according to the data records.

6. When the welding machine is moving, it is forbidden to be subjected to severe vibration, especially the arc welding rectifier equipment, so as not to affect its working performance.

7. When the welding machine breaks down, it is forbidden to carry out inspection and repair with electricity to prevent electric shock.

8. Welding cables are not allowed to be placed near the welding arc or on the hot weld metal to avoid high temperature burns to the insulation layer, and at the same time to avoid collisions and wear.

9. When the welder gets an electric shock, you can't directly pull the electric shock switch with your hands. You should cut off the power supply quickly, and then rescue.

10. The secondary end of the welder and the weldment should not be grounded or zeroed at the same time.

11. One arc welding machine usually cannot work for two production lines at the same time.




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