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  • By:Iris Liang
  • Date:2023/02/20

On the afternoon of February 16, Guangdong Stainless Steel Materials and Products Association successfully held the "2022 Guangdong Stainless Steel Industry Annual Conference" in the multi-function hall on the first floor of the World Headquarters building of Shunde Lecong Steel in Foshan City.

Feng Liangliang, member of the Party Group and Vice Chairman of Guangdong Federation of Industry and Commerce attended the event and made a speech. Chen Ling, Minister of the Membership Department of Guangdong Federation of Industry and Commerce attended the meeting for guidance. Guangdong Stainless steel materials and products Association leading group members and member unit representatives attended more than 260 people.

Guangdong Hangao Technology (SEKO Machinery) Co., Ltd. was honored to participate in the conference as a member. Mr. Xiao Yuanping, as the CEO of Hangao Tech, attended the conference on behalf of the company, listening to and learning from the spirit conveyed by the conference: Put limited resources on the main business, highlight their own longboard, strengthen the base, shine and heat within the scope of the ability, seize the opportunity in the post-epidemic era, actively strive to expand the market, further enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise, firm their own basic plate, with a positive, optimistic, hopeful attitude to concentrate on and cultivate the stainless steel industry. Hold the stainless steel position without distractions. In 2023, with a larger degree of the openning policy, wish our stainless steel tube mill line could offer service to more and more clients all over the world.

With the opening of the epidemic prevention policy, we believe that in 2023, we will embrace more development opportunities. When the opportunity comes, only one's own strength is strong enough to grasp the opportunity steadily and achieve more development.




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