Why do Stainless Steel Longitudinal Welded Pipes Need to Be Internally Leveled?

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  • Date:2021/11/24

At present, the petroleum, chemical, nuclear power, boiler, food, pharmaceutical and other industries mainly use stainless steel seamless pipes. Stainless steel welded pipes are superior to stainless steel seamless pipes in terms of material and mechanical properties, but stainless steel pipe internal and external weld reinforcement, especially the removal of internal weld reinforcement, has always plagued stainless steel welded pipe manufacturers. The stainless steel welded pipe inner and outer weld leveling device is a reciprocating automatic rolling device that uses a roller to roll the stainless steel welded pipe with a built-in mandrel. By controlling the rolling strength and pass, the inner and outer welds of the stainless steel welded pipe are leveled and thoroughly Remove the requirement that the internal and external welding seam is flush with the base metal. Simply put, it is to achieve seamless stainless steel welded pipe.


However, the stainless steel pipe inner weld leveling device on the market today is not only complex in structure, but also simple in function. Although there are solutions such as built-in scrapers or internal grinding devices, the effect is not satisfactory. This seriously hinders the further expansion of the application field of stainless steel welded pipes, and it is easy to generate heat during the grinding process of stainless steel pipes, which easily affects the service life of the leveling device.


Technical realization elements :

Hangao Tech's fully air-cooled double-cylinder inner weld leveler can effectively solve the above-mentioned problems of complex structure and single function. In addition, the phenomenon that heat is easily generated during the polishing of the stainless steel tube is eliminated, and the problem of effectively extending the service life of the leveling device. In addition, it can also help manufacturers solve the problem of space utilization.


In order to solve the above-mentioned pain points, we have achieved structural optimization in the design of the internal leveling equipment, and cooperated with reliable and high-quality accessories and motor manufacturers to improve performance while eliminating cumbersome structural design as much as possible. Second, try to simplify the installation and commissioning steps. No need to do additional water pipes and electrical wiring, to achieve easy installation and operation.


Due to the superior performance of the products, our internal leveling equipment has been spread all over the domestic large and small stainless steel welded pipe manufacturers. Jiuli, Wujin, Zhenhai Petrochemical, Plymouth, etc. are our loyal users. If you are also interested in our inner leveling equipment, please feel free to consult us!




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