Why should stainless steel be leveled?

  • By:wenbo
  • Date:2021/11/22

Industrial welded pipe on the molding process to add more leveling in this process, many customers do not know why need this process, this article will small make up one by one for customers to solve various problems, we will focus on technology innovation and customer experience, with excellent products and services to global customers, provide leading global industrial pipe equipment and equipment. Stainless steel material welding into steel pipe and other circular workpiece will appear uneven phenomenon inside and outside the weld, leveling is to use special welding leveling equipment on the weld pressure multipass rolling, the final weld leveling, so that thesurface of the internal and external weld is smooth without stratification.


The rectifying wheel is made of solid bearing steel, ground after high frequency heat treatment and plated with hard chrome. After being corrected by the machine, it is smooth without indentation and does not damage the surface of the material. This metal pipe making machine can be used alone, at the same time can be used together with MT model, MTD automatic feeding rack, better effect; The machine adopts large cylinder pressure, correction adjustment adopts synchronous worm gear, worm adjustment. Fine adjustment can be made by turning the handle once and correcting the upper wheel to drop only 1mm; High rigidity mechanical structure, high horsepower output. Can be used for high speed and stable feeding, improve production efficiency, prolong the service life of equipment; This machine adopts Japanese electric rolling contact principle and electronic parts, less fault, long service life.


The leveling machine manufacturer states that the leveling machine is very suitable for the correction and leveling of high requirements of materials, but in the daily use of the leveling machine, users tend to ignore the maintenance and maintenance of the leveling machine, so that the leveling equipment can not work, or reduce the efficiency and leveling accuracy of the machine.




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