Hydraulic Double Pushing Weld Bead Roller Equipment


Type Welding type O.D.
Thickness (mm) Speed (m/min) Motor Power (KW) Capacity of Oil Cylinder Size(L*W*H)(m)
SZP-J-40 TIG 12-38 0.4-2.0 1-5 7.5 200L Customized
SZP-J-50 TIG 25-76 0.5-2.5 1-5 7.5 300L Customized
SZP-J-60 TIG 50.8-114 0.5-3.0 0.5-4 11 300L Customized
SZP-J-70 TIG 89-168 1.0-4.0 0.5-3.5 18.5 300L Customized
SZP-J-90 TIG 89-219 1.0-5.0 0.5-3.5 18.5 300L Customized


Matching: will be matched with industrial pipe making machine.

Component: inside and outside weld seam leveling equipment, hydraulic air control system, automatic electric hydraulic air control system with PLC, hydraulic cycling equipment for mold and roll.

Feature:  stainless steel welded pipe welding leveling device and a built-in SKD11 mandrel and utilization of stainless steel welded pipe rolling device automatic reciprocating roller, through the control to achieve the strength and make stainless welded pipe and weld leveling, completely remove the internal and external welding and with more respect to seamless requirement.

After the internal weld is leveled, the stainless steel welded pipe has smooth inner and outer walls. After polishing to a certain extent, it can be used for high-end industrial applications such as sanitary fluid pipes, water pipes, heat exchange pipes, oil and gas pipelines, etc., and can also be widely used in food. Industry, petroleum industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, sanitary ware industry, etc.

Some people may have questions: whether the welded pipe can be polished directly without internal flattening. The answer is: no! Without the inner flattened welded pipe, or the flattening effect is poor, the number of internal and external polishing will be increased, which directly affects the thickness of the finished pipe, so that the pipe wall tolerance becomes larger and the weight is reduced. Indirectly increases production costs and harms the interests of manufacturers.

1. Which countries your products are exported to?
Our products are sold all over the world and with related certifications.

2.How about the warranty?
All our products have one year quality warranty, during the warranty time, the spare parts replacement is free. And we provide life long time technical support and other assistance.

3.How to install your machine?
Usually speaking, engineers will be sent to your factory to help to install and adjust the machines. We also have paper installation instructions and videos, teaching you till you command it.

4. Which export port you use?
Any China ports. Commonly, we will use Shenzhen port. But it can be appointed as you like.

5. How about the payment terms and delivery time ?
Payment terms for small machines: 100% T/T/ Western Union/Cash in advance.
The big machines and big amount: 40% deposit, 60% before shipment (we will shoot total delivering process for customer's confirmation) and the related papers. You can pay by T/T,L/C, Western Union or other ways.
The machine delivery time is within 45-90 days.

6.Is your goods with ISO9001 or CE certificate ?
Yes, all our goods has ISO certificate. All machines are high quality goods.

7.What is your nature of your company:dealer or factory ?
We are manufacturer with a big factory ,warmly welcome to visit our factory and contact us. 




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