Mirror Finishing Buffer Stainless Steel Tube Polishing Machine


Processing Length 3000-7000mm
Polishing Pipe Diameter 20*20--100*100mm
Grinding Head 40 Chrome, Heat Treatment
Grinding Head Motor Power 16*5.5kw
Automation semi sutomatic
Motor Type Variable Motor

√ ISO9001 Certificate Approval

√ 20-year Industry Professional Experiences

√ Customer Oriented Technology Team

√ Timely Response After-sales Backup

√ CNC Processing Finishing Rollers

Item name Round throwing dust removal system Side throwing dust removal system
Air volume 30000m³/h 76000m³/h
Wind pressure 450Pa 900Pa
Total power 19KW 38KW
Fan power 1x15KW 2x15KW
Pump power 1x4KW 2x4KW

Dust Removal Process Brief Introduction:
 1. During polishing, since the pipe and the polishing material rub against each other, resulting in polishing dust (main components: grinding wheel powder, hemp wheel powder, polishing wax, fine steel particles, etc.), it is necessary to adopt a dust removal process to achieve environmental protection and protect workers' health.
2. For the dust generated by polishing, the dust removal method generally adopts the wet dust removal method. The wet dust removal method makes the dust-containing gas in close contact with the liquid (generally water), utilizes the inertial collision of the water droplets and the particles or utilizes the sufficient mixing effect of the water and the powder tip. Other means of trapping particles or increasing or leaving the particles in a fixed container to achieve water and dust separation.




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