Rotating Austenite Steel Pipe Induction Heating Black Annealing Machine


1. Reduce the hardness of steel pipes, improve the plasticity, to facilitate  cutting machining and cold deformation.

2. Fine grains and homogeneous steel organization and composition, to improve the performance of steel, also to make preparation for the heat treatment.

3. Remove the residual internal stress in steel, to prevent deformation and cracking.


1. No need pre-heating. Comparing traditional black annealing furnace, it only takes 10-15 minutes to reach the exact temperature.

2. No need re-straightening. Using rotary tube delivering structure, there is only tiny deformation after heat treatment. 

3. Automatic uploading tubes, with strict docking of front and rear tube's end.

4. Fully automatic running, saving labor cost.



Hangao Tech (SEKO Machinery) rotating austenite steel pipe induction heating black annealing machine specializes in industrial usage, like HVAC pipe fittings, sanitary tubes, water pipes, valve pipe fittings, petrochemical pipes, chemical industry, medicine industry, wine-making industry, petroleum industry, food industry, automobile industry, paper making industry, air-condition making industry and so on. Products dealed with our tube mill could reach ASTM, DIN, ISO, GB and JIS standard.


This machine adopts the advanced induction heating power supply, the new type DSP+IGBT power supply. It uses IGBT inverter, DSP precision control, air-cooling structure( water cooling for induction coil), reduce the loss of system. It has perfect self-protection and self diagnostic function, saves 15% energy comparing with the similar product. It is the first machine that could annealing such large stainless steel welding pipes.


Model No.: HHS-L
Colour: customized
Output Power: customized
Working speed: customized
Length of tubes: customized
Applicable material stainless steel, carbon steel, doble phase steel and ect.
Rated input voltage: 3 phase, 380V, 50Hz
Resonace frequency: 10-30KHz (automatic tracking)
Output power adjusted range: 1%-100%




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