Plasma Welding Machine


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Plasma arc is ionized ion gas to generate high-temperature ion flow, which is ejected from the nozzle hole and compressed to form a slender arc column. Its temperature can reach 18000-24000K, which is higher than the conventional free arc. For example, argon arc welding only reaches 5,000-8000K.Plasma arc is widely used in welding because of its characteristics of slender arc column and high energy density.

1. High arc energy, small welding heat affected zone and small welding deformation;

2. The arc column is slender and has strong penetrating power, and there is no need to open the bevel for the thin workpiece, which can shorten the preparation time

3. Fast speed, 3-6 times higher than ordinary argon welding;

4. Arc column is rigid, and due to hole effect, single-side welding and double-side forming are realized;

5. Fewer weld defects, more weldable materials, and high welding quality;

6. Excellent repeatability. The electrode is shrunk in the nozzle, which is not easy to pollute and burn.




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