Off-line Bright Annealing Production Line for Finishing Pipe


  • High efficiency: heat treatment capacity above 8 m/min
  • Precision: temperature up to ±2℃

Every time the finishing pipe is rolled, it must be treated by annealing process. Ensure the performance of steel pipe to meet the technical requirements, for the post-process processing or use of assurance. The bright annealing treatment process of super long seamless steel pipe has always been a difficult point in the industry. The traditional electric furnace equipment is large, the area is large, the energy consumption is high, and the gas consumption is large, so it is difficult to realize the bright annealing process. 

Hangao technology after years of efforts and innovative development, using the current advanced induction heating technology and DSP power supply. The accurate control of heating temperature ensures that the temperature is controlled ℃±2, which solves the technical problem of inaccurate control of induction heating temperature. After heating the tube in a special closed cooling tunnel is cooled by "heat conduction ", which greatly reduces the amount of gas and is more environmentally friendly.

Hangao global self-created equipment

High efficiency: heat treatment capacity above 8 m/min.

Precision: temperature up to ±2℃.

Energy saving: save electricity and gas. (Energy saving 15-20%) Environmental protection: small size, no need to preheat.




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