Rotary Black Annealing Production Line


  • Tube O.D.: 6mm-762mm
  • Tube thickness: 0.5-20mm
  • Power Supply: 60KW------1500KW

Big diameter welded pipe black annealing machine

Big diameter welded pipe black annealing machine is the special machine for heat the steel pipe to solution temperature and then cool it to room temperature.This machine adopts the advanced induction heating power supply, the new type DSP+IGBT power supply.It uses IGBT inverter,DSP precision control,air-cooling structure(water cooling for induction coil),reduce the loss of system.It has perfect self-protection and self -diagnostic function,saves 15% energy comparing with the similar  product.


Tube O.D.:6mm-762mm  

Tube thickness:0.5-20mm

Material:300 series austenite,400 series ferrite,dual-phase steel

Power Supply: 60KW------1500KW

Notes: Match power supply according the pipe diameter,pipe thickness and production speed. 

The point description

Energy saving effect analysis :

The induction heating power supply of all-air cooling DSP+IGBT, the working frequency of the power supply is 3KHz, and combined with the optimized design of sensor, the overall energy saving is more than 20% compared with 500Hz thyristor power supply, and the energy saving effect is higher if the steel pipe wall thickness is reduced (for example, less than 10mm).

Energy consumption influencing factors :

1. Increase insulation section: thick-walled steel tube increases energy consumption by about 10% to 20%, thin-walled steel tube increases energy consumption by more than 20%, and when wall thickness is very thin, energy consumption increases even more than 100%. When there is an insulation section, for the same kind of steel pipe, the faster the pipe, the lower the energy consumption.

2. (conservative value) : IGBT power supply reduces energy        consumption by about 5% compared with SCR power supply, and air cooling is about 3% lower than water cooling, so we reduce energy consumption by about 8% compared with SCR water cooling power supply.

3. Frequency factor: when the frequency is high, the energy consumption is low, especially for the thin-walled pipe. 

4. Sensor factor: the larger the gap, the higher the energy consumption.

5. Target temperature factors: the following are all based on 1050 degree, and the energy consumption of 1100 degree is more than 10% higher than 1050 degree (thermal radiation loss is proportional to the fourth degree of temperature).




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