Intelligent Control System


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The intelligent control system of the new precision industrial welded pipe production line records and saves the data of the production line, the welding current, solid solution power, current, frequency and so on of each pipe, real-time recording.

pipe production starts from production task list


Record the specific requirements and implementation criteria of the current task sheet customer in the production task list. These data will be stored together with the production process data for each pipe parameter. Quality traceability is easy to achieve.

Welding parameters and production line speed

Intelligent Control System

When our production process is mature in practical application, we can save it. In the future, the same size steel pipe of the same production line will be directly transferred and used, which is convenient and quick. The quality of production is more reliable.

welding procedure

Intelligent Control System

Welding machine process, whenever welding current changes, welding machine process to make a record. We can record the welding process of the current changes in the full monitoring.

production data 

Intelligent Control System

We record the welding current, annealing parameters, and temperature of each steel pipe.There is also a large number of equipment running data, convenient for us to observe the operating status of the equipment.




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