How does Induction Heating Bright Annealing Furnace Work?

  • By:Iris Liang
  • Date:2022/03/25

The principle of induction heating heat treatment is to put the workpiece into the inductor (coil). When an alternating current of a certain frequency is passed into the inductor, an alternating magnetic field is generated around it. The electromagnetic induction of the alternating magnetic field produces a closed induced current in the workpiece—eddy current. The distribution of the induced current on the cross section of the workpiece is very uneven, and the current density on the surface of the workpiece is very high and gradually decreases inward. This phenomenon is called the skin effect. The electric energy of the high-density current on the surface of the workpiece is converted into heat energy, which increases the temperature of the surface layer, that is, surface heating is realized. The higher the current frequency, the greater the current density difference between the surface layer and the inside of the workpiece, and the thinner the heating layer. Surface quenching can be achieved by rapid cooling after the temperature of the heating layer exceeds the critical point temperature of the steel.

The metallographic structure of metals will show different arrangement states at different temperatures. Moreover, if it is heated to a certain temperature value and suddenly drops to another low temperature value, it will also show a different arrangement.

Induction heating is to heat the workpiece to a specified temperature with an electromagnetic field and then perform post-processing according to the heat treatment requirements. For example, quenching is to heat it to a high temperature of eight or nine hundred degrees, and then suddenly cool it below one hundred degrees or about one hundred degrees.

There are many heating methods for heat treatment, such as resistance furnace heating, gas heating, etc. The advantages of induction heating are less pollution, environmental friendliness, high efficiency and etc.. Continuous single tube induction heating machine bright annealing furnaces from Hangao Tech (SEKO Machinery) can also help you control your running costs. The superior air tightness can not only prevent the air from entering, but also ensure the bright effect of the stainless steel tube. It can also reduce heat loss and improve energy utilization, reducing electricity consumption.




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