Steel Pipe Production Line

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  • Date:2021/06/30

The world's most advanced steel pipe production line in the world has been successfully constructed in China. The company has completed its first production level, with over ten million tons of steel pipe, and will be ramping up production level by the end of this year. With the increasing demand for stainless steel pipe all over the world, China is in the process of rapidly modernizing itself as a steel pipe manufacturing center. There is currently no better place to produce pipes than in China. In fact, there is no other place in the world that can compete with the efficiency of the Chinese production plants.


The steel pipe factory located in China is actually the third fastest converting steel pipe manufacturer worldwide. The Carbon steel pipe production line consists of three phases namely, flat top tube forming unit, circular tube forming unit and round tube forming unit. The stainless steel pipe production line consists of three phases also. All these are welded together into a single and neat finished product.


The stainless steel pipe production line will be fully operational from next month and it will be fully operational by the end of this year 2021. The company has fully tested the equipment that they will be using in the production lines and the entire equipment has passed all kinds of quality tests. The equipment used is of the highest experienced technology and it ensures that the pipes produced will be highly durable. The steel tubes that are produced will pass all kinds of quality tests such as tough extreme temperature endurance, high stress endurance, chemical resistance, and the resistance to rusting and also corrosion of the pipe.


The specialized equipment used for this type of production will also have another feature that makes them special. This equipment will produce the customized and production (production & customization) stainless steel pipe at low temperatures. The customized and production (production & customization) stainless steel pipe are calling the puma air flake. The puma air flake is considered the best flexible rolled steel pipe available and it is used in various industries like marine industry, oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, power generation, cement industry, refrigeration industry and others.


The steel pipe production line will have another great feature and that is the fast change equipment. This line will have an interchangeable cutting and other finishing mill that can be utilized in various production lines. The puma mill will have the capability of performing both wet and dry milling operations and it will also have the ability to perform milling tolerance up to 600 psi. The milling tolerance is important because it enables the company to customize the size and the type of the pieces that they need.


Another important equipment found in the steel pipe production line will be the welded wire feeders. The welded wire feeders are also known as wire saws. They are used for cutting and welding the steel pipe joints. They require high force to push the metal in and allow it to be welded properly. There are many advantages of using the welded wire feeders such as the ability to produce finer and straighter pipes which in turn reduce waste and increase the productivity. This type of welding machine is used for most pipes that are produced in a factory.




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