Why Do We Choose Servo Motor Driving Weld Bead Rolling Machine?

  • By:Iris
  • Date:2022/05/31

Welding seam leveling machine with servo motor driving is more energy saving with higher efficiency.

Our Features:

1. High precision: the servo motor drives the precision screw to drive the leveling car to move, and the operation is softer.

2. Fast speed: 1-7m/min.

3. Small footprint: 50% reduction in footprint.

4. The site is clean: no hydraulic oil pollution.

5. No need for hydraulic station: reduce equipment operation and use costs, customers do not need to arrange cooling water pipes and purchase cooling towers.

6. Convenient installation: convenient, the equipment adjusts the center in place, and can be used after the level and height are fixed.

7. Energy saving: energy saving, low consumption, motor power 5KW, 1-2 KW per hour.



Our Advantage:

(1) Hangao Tech (SEKO Machinery) servo motor and electro-hydraulic supercharging cylinder are used instead of hydraulic drive and hydraulic cylinder, the space occupied by hydraulic station can be saved, and the space occupied by servo leveling machine can be reduced by 50%.


(2) Because the servo motor drives the precision screw to drive the leveling car to move, the running position and reversing time of the trolley can be precisely controlled, so that the trolley runs smoothly, which solves the problem that the hydraulic drive uses a proportional solenoid valve to control the trolley. It is difficult to adjust the running position and the problem of smooth commutation, so as to improve the control accuracy.




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