Analysis of Production Process and Product Characteristics of Titanium Welded Pipe

  • By:Iris Liang
  • Date:2022/08/30

Based on the shortcomings of titanium seamless pipes, titanium welded pipes came out.

At present, there are only a handful of large titanium welded pipe companies in the world. One of the main factors restricting the development of titanium welded pipes is the insufficient production technology of titanium strips. But later, with the development and improvement of titanium steel pipe production technology. my country can also produce high-quality titanium steel strips.

In recent years, with the development of my country's power industry, 2000MW all-titanium condenser units will be put into operation every year. All-titanium condensers need to be installed with about 25t of titanium tubes with specifications of 25.4mmx0.5mm and 25.4mmx0.7mm. This part of the titanium tube basically uses titanium welded tube. In the face of a large number of market demands, it is imminent to solve the technical problem of titanium coil production in my country.

Titanium welded pipe is a relatively unique titanium pipe product. Its production process is formed by using tungsten inert gas shielded welding to support the pipe shape by cold-rolled titanium coils. Due to the excellent corrosion resistance of titanium materials, titanium welded pipes have gradually replaced stainless steel and copper alloy pipes as the preferred materials for condensers and heat exchangers since the products were put into the market. Condensers and heat exchangers that require seawater as a cooling medium. Compared with titanium seamless pipes, titanium welded pipes can be used to manufacture pipes with thinner wall thicknesses, which can reach 0.3mm-0.5mm, while the minimum wall thickness of titanium seamless pipes is about 0.9mm; at the same time, the production raw materials of titanium welded pipes utilize High efficiency, high production efficiency and good economic benefits. Countries are paying more and more attention to the development, utilization and protection of the ocean, and it is believed that titanium steel pipes will be used more and more in the future. The high-precision titanium steel welding pipe production line developed by Hangao Tech (SEKO Machinery) will be a good choice for manufacturers who want to get involved in this industry. Our production line has a very obvious competitive advantage, affordable price, superior equipment performance, low energy consumption, low failure rate and high yield.

In developed countries, the condenser and condenser welded pipes in coastal power stations and nuclear power plants are gradually replacing titanium thin-walled seamless pipes. There are many studies on the expansion joint performance, pressure resistance, and fatigue resistance of titanium welded pipes and seamless pipes. The performance comparison shows that the welding quality of the current welded pipes can meet the harsh use environment [2,3]. Due to the low yield of seamless pipes, long production cycle and high cost, while the production process of pure titanium welded pipes is short, the production cost is low, and the production efficiency is high. It is a development trend to vigorously develop welded pipes.




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