Some Knowledge of Stainless Steel Welded Pipe Making Machine's Roller Sets

  • By:Iris Liang
  • Date:2021/09/27

First, the use of welded pipe mold:
Welded pipe molds are used to produce stainless steel profiles and are also used to produce high frequency welded pipes. The quality of the mold determines whether the welded pipe product is good or bad. Good molds can help the welded pipe to be better shaped, improve the accuracy of the pipe and reduce tolerances. Moreover, the finely machined mold can greatly reduce the possibility of scratching the tube wall during the production process due to the smooth surface. As a professional pipe making machinery supplier, let Hangao Tech (SEKO Machinery) take everyone to see how to choose a good mold that suits your production needs.

Second, the working principle of welded pipe mold:
The steel strip is sent into more than 4 sets of forming molds to be rolled into a tube, and then welded into a tube by argon arc welding or plasma welding in a welding zone, and then pressed into a standard size by two or more shaping molds, and then the disc is pressed. Cut or cut to size. There are various methods for sizing, such as a micro switch at a certain length of the discharge port. After the pipe is extended to the switch, the trigger circuit controls the cutting wheel to cut the pipe.

Third, the type of welded pipe mold:
Round tube mold, square tube mold, plum tube mold, round flat tube mold, elliptical tube mold, fan tube mold, and square tube mold can also be specially designed and manufactured for different users.

Fourth, the mold production process
Cutting → roughing → heat treatment (high temperature quenching plus high temperature tempering) → finishing → nitriding → finished product

Five, welded pipe mold classification
1 horizontal mode: mold with shaft hole and keyway
2 vertical mold: mold bearing

Sixth, pipe specifications
1, round tube
Specification: Φ5~Φ325
Material: Cr12MoV/Cr12
Tolerance range: roundness +0.025
Hardness range: 61~65HRC
2, square tube
Specification: F10*10~F300*300
Material: Cr12MoV/Cr12
Tolerance range: flatness +0.03
Hardness range: 61~65HRC
3, rectangular tube
Specifications: F10*20~F120*60
Material: Cr12MoV/Cr12
Tolerance range: flatness +0.015
Hardness range: 61~65HRC

Seven, welded pipe mold specifications
40 machine common specifications:
Round tube: Φ9.5 Φ12.7 Φ15.9 Φ18 Φ19 Φ22 Φ25 Φ28 Φ31.8 Φ35 Φ38 Φ48 Φ50.8
Square tube: F15*15 F19*19 F22*22 F25*25 F30*30 F38*38
Rectangular tube: F20*10 F23*11 F25*13 F30*15 F34*22 F40*20 F50*25
50 machine common specifications:
Round tube: Φ60 Φ63 Φ76.2
Square tube, rectangular tube: F50*50 F75*45
60 machine common specifications:
Round tube: Φ89 Φ101.6 Φ114

Eight, how to judge the quality of the mold
1. Materials used: Cr12MoV high quality die steel is used as the mold material;
2, excellent design: the most reasonable molding design principle;
3. Hardness range: After high-precision CNC machining and vacuum gas quenching and hardening treatment, the overall hardness of the mold can reach about HRC65°;
4, processing accuracy: using CNC system processing, wear resistance, high precision;
5, pipe effect: pipe forming smooth, good stability, high pipe production efficiency, steel pipe will not produce strain, nail marks.  




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