Difference Between Stainless Steel Precision Tube And Ordinary Tube

  • By:Iris Liang
  • Date:2022/03/19

In the context of rapid economic development, the demand for stainless steel pipes is increasing. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of process technology, stainless steel pipes are becoming more and more popular, and the road of stainless steel pipes will gradually move towards high precision in the future. Compared with end users of stainless steel tubes, more people expressed their willingness to accept stainless steel precision tubes because it can accept applications in more fields. Ordinary tubes are still limited to a few applications. Why do you say that? Let's take a look at the difference between stainless steel precision tubes and ordinary tubes.

1. Dimensional tolerance of pipe diameter

The most fundamental difference between stainless steel precision tubes and ordinary tubes is their precision. Ordinary stainless steel pipes are usually used in decoration and industry, and have small dimensional tolerances for pipe diameters, and the precision of pipe diameter tolerances is generally more than ±0.1mm. Precision stainless steel pipes pay more attention to the dimensional tolerance requirements of pipe diameters, which are generally controlled within ±0.05mm. Due to its high precision, it can be applied to more fields besides decoration and industry, such as mechanical field, aviation field, electronic and electrical field, automobile field and so on.

2. Surface treatment

The surface treatment of stainless steel precision pipe is more severe than that of ordinary stainless steel pipe. The surface of the precision stainless steel pipe has the following requirements: the surface of the pipe body is free of scratches and scars; the wall thickness is uniform and smooth, the nozzle is complete and free of burrs; the inner wall is smooth, there is no leakage welding or blisters at the weld, and the surface brightness reaches more than 200 mesh. Usually, when ordinary pipes leave the factory, the surface is relatively rough, and the surface needs to be treated twice. In terms of appearance advantages, precision tubes and ordinary stainless steel tubes are not at the same level.

3. Performance

The common material of ordinary stainless steel pipes is generally 201, and 304 is used for a little bit, but 316L is rarely used. The commonly used materials for stainless steel precision tubes are generally 304 and 316L. In terms of material properties, precision tubes are more prominent than ordinary stainless steel tubes. In addition, before the precision stainless steel tube leaves the factory, it needs to undergo a number of mechanical performance tests, such as: hardness test, bending test, compressive strength test and so on. It is often better than ordinary pipes in post-processing performance.

The above three points are basically the intuitive differences between stainless steel precision tubes and ordinary tubes. Other stricter factors include the comparison of roundness, verticality, etc. In this way, stainless steel precision tubes are better than ordinary tubes in various situations, so why is there such a large market for ordinary stainless steel tubes? In fact, the production requirements of precision stainless steel pipes are high, and the equipment cost is also high. Before there is a bigger breakthrough at the technical level. The price factor is also their obvious difference. And Hangao Tech (SEKO Machinery) can help you solve the problem of high equipment cost. Our high-speed precision stainless steel pipe production line tube forming machinery has become the favor of high-quality stainless steel precision welded pipe manufacturers at home and abroad with its reliable and excellent quality and competitive price advantage. Using IGBT frequency conversion technology, compared with the same type of products, it can save energy by 20%-30%, and achieve the purpose of controlling long-term costs. It is our consistent aim to closely contact user needs and help manufacturers solve difficulties and pain points.

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