Advantages of Automated Welding Tracking Systems

  • By:Bonnie Auyeung
  • Date:2023/05/11

The main function of automated welding tracking systems is to automatically track and correct the welding of pipes, and solve the welding quality problems caused by the increasing labor cost and visual fatigue during manual welding operation. The system adopts advanced intelligent vision technology and integrates optical and electromechanical technology. At present, no similar products have been found in China. In this system, the image of welding between weld and tungsten rod is captured by visual acquisition system, and then the offset of tungsten rod is calculated by visual technology, and the position of tungsten rod is corrected by controlling the intersection of electromechanical device, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic tracking of steel pipe welding, so as to realize unattended and high-quality welding.

Performance characteristics:

1. Non-contact, no wear for long time operation.

2. High recognition accuracy.

3. Visual effects

4. Good stability, using embedded system, more stable and reliable than PC based control system.

5. User-friendly interface.

Automated welding systems have four main benefits: improved welding quality, increased production, reduced waste and reduced variable labor costs.

A high-precision automated welding tracking system keeps the torch in the optimal operational position, enabling greater quality and efficiency in a variety of welding operations, no matter how seam changes. The automatic welding tracking system continuously senses the slightest changes in the weld and automatically corrects the position of the torch. Welding may be affected by material warping, weld wrong edge and other welding errors.

Semi-automatic systems are at least twice as fast as skilled welders. The lost opportunity costs are also large. If skilled welders are not available, the company's variable costs soar. A lot of production time is lost. In contrast, general machine operators are easier and cheaper to find than skilled labor. Automatic welding reduces the possibility of human error. Welding is performed only when all requirements are met. For hand welding, scrap welding usually increases as the welder becomes fatigued. Based on the value of the parts when they arrive at the welding station, the savings in scrap costs alone justify the purchase of an automated welding system. Automation should also be considered when a factory needs to minimize the possibility of shipping a substandard product to a customer.




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