Analysis And Requirements of Stainless Steel Tube Inner Polishing Precision Grade

  • By:Iris Liang
  • Date:2023/07/24

Stainless steel tube internal polishing is one of the common processes for manufacturing stainless steel tubes. The grade of polishing accuracy in the stainless steel tube is a concrete manifestation of the smoothness index of the inner surface of the stainless steel tube. This article will analyze in detail the precision level of polishing in stainless steel tubes from four aspects: standard, application, influencing factors and improving the level of polishing precision.

1. Standard:

The grade standards for polishing precision in stainless steel pipes mainly include GB, ASTM, JIS and other national and industry standards. The GB standard divides the polishing precision grades of stainless steel tubes into three grades: A, B and C. Among them, grade A has a higher precision grade and the smoothest surface; grade B is the second, and grade C is the lower grade. The ASTM standard divides the polishing accuracy grades of stainless steel pipes into seven grades: Mill Finish, 180#, 240#, 320#, 400#, 600# and 800#, among which the Mill Finish grade is lower and the 800# grade is higher.

2. Application:

Stainless steel pipe internal polishing precision grades are widely used in piping systems in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. In the food and pharmaceutical industries, high-precision polishing grades can ensure that no harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses remain inside the pipes. In the chemical industry, high-precision polishing grades can prevent chemical reactions inside the pipeline from releasing harmful substances. In addition, high-precision polishing grades are also widely used in high-end equipment in aviation, aerospace, automotive and other fields.

The flat inner wall surface reduces material residue and minimizes corrosion due to material residue. And it provides great convenience for cleaning the pipeline.

3. Influencing factors:

The precision level of polishing in stainless steel tubes is affected by many factors, including materials, equipment, technology, personnel and other factors. Different stainless steel materials have different chemical compositions and physical properties, which have different effects on the level of polishing accuracy. The accuracy and maintenance status of the equipment will also directly affect the polishing accuracy level. The mastery of process parameters and the improvement of the technical level of personnel will also have a direct impact on the level of polishing accuracy.

4. Improve the polishing accuracy level:

In order to improve the precision level of stainless steel tube polishing, it is necessary to select the appropriate material first, and ensure the accuracy and maintenance status of the equipment. Secondly, it is necessary to ensure the accurate grasp of process parameters and the technical level of personnel. In addition, measures such as auxiliary processes, improving equipment accuracy, and using high-quality abrasive materials can also be used to improve the polishing accuracy level.

However, with the gradual and widespread use of stainless steel welded pipes, the treatment of inner welds has become a problem that needs to be solved. If the weld reinforcement is too high, it will not only affect the effect of internal polishing, but also increase the consumption of pipe materials.

How can we achieve more, faster, better and more economical inner polishing effect? In the production process of stainless steel pipes, an inner leveling process can be added. I would like to solemnly introduce Hangao Tech's hydraulic + servo double-effect internal leveling equipment tube bead machine. The equipment can eliminate the weld reinforcement through repeated rolling, so that the base metal and the weld can be better fitted, and the inner wall of the welded pipe can be smoother and smoother. After adding this process, the number of internal polishing can be reduced, thereby reducing the consumption of pipeline raw materials. Moreover, the combination of hydraulic pressure and servo system can make the inner leveling equipment more durable and obtain better leveling effect.

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