What Is Offline Rotary Pipe Induction Heating System?

  • By:Iris Liang
  • Date:2023/09/11


The pipe is lifted to the conveying roller rack by the automatic feeding device. The conveying adopts the rotary feeding mode, and the  steel pipe rotates into the heating section and the insulation section at a constant speed for stablilizing heat treatment. Then enter the 360 degree spray device for unifirm cooling; After cooling, the pipe is turned out by the output roller at a constant speed. The steel pipe is quickly separated into the blanking area after cold cutting. Trigger the automatic feeding device to automatically lift the steel pipe to the feeding platform. The whole process steel pipe will not produced any scratches.

Process description

Automatic uploading→Rotary feeding→Stabilizing heat treatment→ Liquid Cooling→ Spinning out→ Automatic rotary unloading

Our features

1) No need to pre-heating, start and stop at any time, energy saved at least 20%-30%;

2) Maitain the straightness of the steel pipe and increase the efficiency by 50%;

3) The steel pipe is conveyed in a rotating manner, so that the heating of the pipe is more uniform and the performance is better;

4) Adopt DSP+IGBT induction heating power supplyment, which has the highest output efficiency;

5)Integraded sensor: it is convenient for quick replacement and reduces heat loss;

6) Original temperature curve smooth transition module.

7) Record the pipe heating and heat preservation temperature and curve in real time.

Our advantages

1. Adopt all air-cooled DSP+IGBT induction heating power supply, which has the highest output efficiency.

Fully air-cooled DSP+IGBT induction heating power supply, the working frequency of the power supply is 3KHz, combined with the optimized design of the inductor, compared with the 500Hz thyristor power supply, the overall energy saving is more than 20%, such as the steel pipe wall thickness is reduced (for example, less than 10mm), The energy saving effect is higher.

2. We comprehensively consider pipe specifications, technology, efficiency, safety and other aspects to provide the optimal energy design solution that best suits the customer's factory.

3. Stepless and precise power adjustment, stable output current and output power, and not affected by power grid fluctuations, so the steel pipe temperature is stable.

4. There can be many control methods: constant current operation, constant power operation, and constant temperature operation; these three methods have local control and remote control modes; it is easy to connect to PLC and other upper computers for remote control or centralized control.

5. It is suitable for a variety of induction coil and a variety of pipe diameters and wall thicknesses. There is no need to adjust the equipment parameters after replacing the induction coil.




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