Advantages of Laser Beam Welding

  • By:Bonnie Aueung
  • Date:2023/05/18

Laser welding is a kind of welding technology that uses laser to connect multiple metal parts. It is often used in high-volume applications that use automation. Let's take an in-depth look at the advantages of laser welding.

Advantages of laser welding 

· Precise working with the exact placing of the energy spot done in laser beam welding. The energy density of laser welding is highly concentrated, and the welding heating and cooling speed is extremely fast.

· Compared with TIG and Palsma, there is no tungsten needle and no tungsten needle burning problem.

· It can weld refractory materials such as titanium and quartz, and can join dissimilar materials with good results.

· Cavity free welds.

· Small heat affected zone, welding stress and deformation is small. Low heat application, therefor minor changes in microstructure. Heat input is close to the in a minimum required to fuse the weld metal, thus heat-affected zones are reduced and workpiece distortions are minimized.

· It can produce very long tubes.

· The welding speed is faster and the welding efficiency is higher.

· Laser welding being a non-contact process so distortions are minimized and tool wears are eliminated.

· Welding in areas that are not easily accessible with other means of welding.

· Wide variety of materials including various combinations can be welded very easily.

· No vacuum or X-Ray shielding is required. No flux or filler metal required. No electrodes are required.  

· Aspect ratios mean depth-to-width ratio of the order of 10:1 or 5:1 are attainable in Laser welding.




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