Working Principle of Argon Arc Welding Machine

  • By:Iris Liang
  • Date:2022/03/15

1. What is argon arc welding?

Argon arc welding is tungsten inert gas shielded arc welding. It refers to a welding method in which industrial tungsten is used as an infusible electrode and an inert gas (argon) is used for protection, referred to as TIG.

2. The starting method of argon arc welding

The arc starting of argon arc welding adopts the arc starting method of high voltage breakdown. First, high frequency and high voltage is applied to the electrode needle (tungsten needle) and the working room to break the argon gas to make it conductive, and then supply a continuous current to ensure the stability of the arc.

3. General requirements for argon arc welding


1) Requirements for gas control. The gas is required to come first, and then argon is the other object that is easier to be broken down. First, fill the space between the work and the electrode needle with argon gas, which is good for arc starting; after the welding is completed, maintaining air supply can help prevent the workpiece from cooling quickly and prevent oxidation, ensuring a good welding effect.

2) Requirements for hand switch control of current. When the hand switch is required to be pressed, the current will be delayed compared to the gas, and the hand switch will be disconnected (after welding), and the gas supply current will be cut off first according to the requirements.

3) High voltage generation and control requirements. The argon arc welding machine adopts the method of high-pressure arc starting, which requires high pressure during arc starting, and the high pressure disappears after arc starting.

4) Interference protection requirements. The high voltage of argon arc welding is accompanied by high frequency, which causes serious interference to the circuit of the whole machine, and the circuit is required to have a good anti-interference ability.

4. The difference between the working circuit of argon arc welding machine and manual arc welding machine

The argon welding machine and the manual arc welding machine are similar in terms of main circuit, auxiliary power supply, drive circuit, protection, etc. But it adds several controls on the basis of the latter: 1). Hand switch control; 2). High frequency and high voltage control; 3). Booster arc starting control. In addition, in the output circuit, the argon arc welding machine adopts the abdominal muscle output mode, the output negative electrode is connected to the electrode needle, and the positive electrode is connected to the workpiece.

5. The positive effect of magnetron arc stabilizer on argon arc welding


Hangao Tech (SEKO Machinery) develops the arc stablilizer, helping clients to improve the producing speed and quality of welding seam. The magnetron arc stabilizer generates a magnetic field through the excitation device, and induces the magnetic field to the first and second magnetic shoes through the first magnetic circuit and the second magnetic circuit. The arc is controlled by the first magnetic shoe and the second magnetic shoe, and the welding can be changed. The direction, position and shape of the arc, and the size of the welding arc can be adjusted by adjusting the magnetic field strength to achieve the purpose of controlling and stabilizing the arc.

The split structure of the excitation device and the welding arc control magnetic shoe can be used without changing the original welding method. , Using ordinary welding equipment and welding torch can introduce the magnetic field to the position of the welding torch. The operation is very convenient and simple, and the observation of the welding arc is also very easy.

Compared with the same material and the same welding speed, the welding speed is increased by adding a magnetron arc stabilizer. 30%-50%, energy-saving efficiency is very obvious, the defect rate of the weld surface is reduced by 70%, and the heat-affected area of ​​the weld is reduced by 30%-50%. The strength of the weld and the quality related to grain size refinement are significantly improved.

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