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Classification and Process Distinction of Titanium Alloy Tubes

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Titanium pipe we are generally divided into two kinds, one is extruded called seamless titanium pipe; One is the welding type called welding titanium tubes.

(1) The difference between seamless titanium pipe and titanium welded pipe

The extruded type is called seamless titanium pipe, seamless titanium pipe has no weld. Welding is called welding titanium pipe, titanium welded pipe has weld. The main difference between welded titanium pipe and seamless titanium pipe is the bearing capacity. The extruded titanium pipe includes cold rolled pipe, spinning pipe and drawing pipe. Titanium extruded products mostly belong to cold processing pipe billet, but also include some hot extruded pipe used as a finished product, special-shaped parts, profiles and composite materials. The minimum diameter of pipe is 2mmx0.5mm, and the maximum length of high-precision ultra-long pure titanium seamless pipe is up to 15m.


There are two methods to prepare titanium tube billet: one is the drilling/perforation extrusion process, which has high metal loss but uniform wall thickness; The other is the cross - rolling perforation process, the gold consumption is small, but the thickness tolerance is large. The hot extrusion of titanium plate and titanium alloy is carried out by extruder. Using glass lubrication extrusion, the extrusion ratio is larger than the coating extrusion, titanium alloy profile glass lubrication P phase area extrusion, the maximum extrusion ratio can reach 150. Generally use medium speed (50~120mm/s) extrusion. Titanium extrusion ratio is generally less than 30, TC4 titanium alloy using the extrusion ratio. Lubricants used are mainly grease, glass lubricants and metal coated three types. Lubricated glass extrusion is the most advanced lubrication technology in the world at present, but the lubricated glass extrusion of titanium pipe in China has not reached the level of industrial application.


Coating lubrication is the coating of copper, mild steel or other metal over the blank. Metal coating extrusion process is complicated, cost is high, pickling process environmental pollution is serious. The extrusion die is generally preheated to 300~400 degrees. Under normal circumstances, the service life of each pair of extrusion BE die is about 20 times. For profile extrusion, in order to improve the dimensional accuracy of thin wall profile and wear resistance of die, the die should be coated with zirconia coating by plasma method. When the specification is single and the batch size is large, the cross rolling perforation method can get better technical and economic results. There are two kinds of oblique - rolling perforation methods: two - roll oblique - emulsion perforation and three - roll oblique - rolling perforation.



The WELDING TITANIUM PIPE PRODUCTION PROCESS IS short, THE production efficiency IS high, THE PIPE length is not limited, SUITABLE FOR THE specification, variety, brand is relatively single, large batch thin wall pipe production. In recent years, state-owned and private enterprises have built and prepared to build more than 80 welded pipe production, the proportion of welded titanium pipe in titanium pipe will gradually increase. Titanium plate and titanium alloy thin wall welded pipe manufacturing is difficult, is a high-end products. With the breakthrough of titanium belt production technology, China has successfully mass produced titanium welded pipe.


The production process of titanium welded pipe is as follows: titanium strip coil -- longitudinal shear molding -- welding -- shaping and sizing -- thermal treatment -- straightening -- Eddy current, ultrasonic testing -- gas tight testing -- finished welded pipe. There are many molding methods of roll continuous molding machine. For titanium welded pipe, W bending molding method has good quality and is more suitable. The edge bending method is suitable for the welded pipe with diameter larger than 200mm. The main welding methods of pipe seam are high frequency welding hand - mouth argon arc welding. Argon protection is required during welding and when the weld is above 450T after welding.

Seamless titanium alloy tube is a kind of long titanium material with hollow cross section and no joint around. Titanium pipe has a hollow cross section, many used for the transport of fluid pipelines, such as the transport of oil, natural gas, gas, water and some solid materials pipeline. Titanium pipe and round titanium and other solid titanium material, bending and torsional strength together, the component is light, is an economic section of titanium material, widely used in the production of layout parts and mechanical parts, such as oil drill pipe, automobile drive shaft, bicycle frame and construction of titanium scaffolding.


Using TITANIUM PIPE AS RING PARTS can improve data utilization, SIMPLIFY manufacturing process, save data and processing time, such as rolling bearing ring, jack cover, etc. Titanium tube according to the shape of the cross-sectional area can be divided into round tube and special-shaped tube. Because a circle has the largest area at a flat perimeter, more fluid can be transported with a circular tube. In addition, the annular section is subjected to uniform internal or external radial pressure, so the vast majority of titanium tubes are round tubes. However, the circular pipe also has certain limitations, such as under the condition of plane twists and turns, the circular pipe is not as strong as the square and rectangular pipe bending strength, some agricultural machinery and tools skeleton, titanium wood furniture, etc., are commonly used square and rectangular pipe.



Welding titanium alloy pipe, also known as welded pipe, is made of titanium alloy pipe welded with titanium plate or titanium after tortuous molding. Welding titanium alloy pipe has the advantages of simple production process, high production efficiency, more kinds of standards, less equipment, etc. With the continuous improvement of forming and welding technology, the performance of titanium alloy welded pipe is increasingly comparable with that of seamless titanium alloy pipe. Hangao Tech (SEKO Machinery) in the continuous optimization of forming roller, mold base arrangement, improve the welding process on the basis of, developed a cost-effective precision titanium alloy welded pipe production line tube mill line. In addition to the above basic production process, there are also new steps such as cleaning and drying, rapid grinding, so as to achieve high production efficiency and reduce secondary processing procedures. The technology of electromagnetic control and stabilization arc is also added to further improve the yield of finished products.

(2) What are the differences between seamless titanium alloy pipe and welded titanium alloy pipe?

1. Welding titanium alloy tube is a kind of hollow square section titanium alloy tube, also known as hollow cold bending titanium. It is a type titanium of square section shape and scale made by high frequency welding after cold tortuous processing of hot rolled or cold rolled titanium or rolled sheet as blank. In addition to the thickening of the wall thickness, the Angle scale and edge flatness of the thick titanium alloy tube reach or even surpass the level of resistance welding cold forming titanium alloy tube, and the size of R Angle is usually 2-3 times of the wall thickness. It can also produce the R Angle titanium alloy pipe required by customers according to their needs;


2. Titanium alloy tube seamless titanium alloy tube is a kind of hollow section, no joint around the strip of titanium. It is made of titanium alloy pipe by kneading the four sides of the mould with seamless pipe. Titanium alloy pipe has a hollow cross section, and many are used as pipes for transporting fluids. Mainly used in liquid transport, hydraulic support, mechanical layout, medium and low pressure. High pressure boiler tube, heat exchange tube, gas. Oil and other occupations. It is more solid than welding, will not show cracks.

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