Multifunctional welding machine introduction!

  • Date:2020/09/27


Digital welders are generally digital welders. Digital welders are controlled by DSP, ARM and other embedded microprocessors, which is the mainstream direction of welder development. Compared with traditional welders, they have the following characteristics:

1. Rich functions

The function of traditional welding machine is accomplished by many analog and logic circuit, every increase a function should be increased a lot of components, to have two or more function requires a lot of circuit board, such not only can greatly improve the welding cost, and the performance and reliability of the welding machine will be fell sharply, with the increase of components so it's difficult to traditional welding machine will be a variety of integrated in a welder welding function.

The function of digital welder is realized by software. The function of digital welder can be added only by changing its software. Each function module is independent of each other, adding new functions will not affect the original function and performance.

2. Good product consistency, stable and reliable performance

Determines the composition characteristics of traditional welder depend entirely on the performance characteristics of the parameters of each component, the component parameters of inconsistent directly lead to inconsistent, the performance of welding machine and components of any manufacturer production is likely to ensure that its parameter exactly, so often appear the same brand of a welding machine and a different problem. In addition, the parameters of components will change with the change of temperature, humidity and other environment, so the performance of welding machine will be good and bad.

Digital circuits are insensitive to component parameters, such as an input or output resistance change from 1K to 10K without affecting the performance of the welder. Therefore, the consistency and stability of digital welder are much better than traditional welder.

3. High reliability

The digital welding machine adopts high-speed DSP control, which can timely find and correct the main magnetic bias, effectively avoid the damage of the welding machine due to the main magnetic bias, and greatly improve its reliability; With undervoltage, overvoltage and overheat protection functions; IGBT is isolated from the air duct to avoid rain, dust and other damage to the welder. In addition, due to the use of digital technology, greatly reduce the number of components, improve the reliability of the circuit.

4. High control accuracy

The precision of analog control is generally determined by the error caused by the element parameter value and the error caused by the non-ideal characteristic parameters of operational amplifier. It is difficult to achieve high precision control. However, the precision of digital control is only related to the quantization error of modulus-number transformation and the system's finite word length, so the digital control can obtain high precision. Especially for such advanced welding methods as pulse gas protection, the arc energy control requirements are very strict. To achieve the goal of no spatter, short arc and low thermal input, the current and voltage of each pulse must be precisely controlled to truly realize the transition of a pulse and a drop of base value.

5. Excellent welding performance

Experts at home and abroad have done a lot of work on how to improve the welding performance, and put forward many excellent mathematical control models, but these complex mathematical models are difficult to be implemented in the traditional analog welder, because it requires very complex circuits, so it has been in the theoretical stage for a long time. The advent of digital welders makes these mathematical models easy to implement on welders.




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