Why Is the Effect of Laser Welding Unsatisfactory?

  • By:Iris Liang
  • Date:2023/04/19

Due to its high efficiency and good welding effect, laser welding machines have gradually become mainstream products in the welding industry. However, it is inevitable that there will be unsatisfactory working conditions of the welding machine during use, so what factors will cause the unsatisfactory processing effect of the laser welding machine?

Let the technical team of Hangao Technology (SEKO Machinery) lead you to understand the main reasons and related solutions.

1. Laser welding machine equipment

When the configuration of the laser welding machine is low, it is difficult to weld high-definition welding effect. At this time, you can contact the manufacturer to discuss whether the equipment can be optimized and upgraded at the optimal cost.

2. Laser welding machine parameters.

(1) Output power stability: The better the output power stability of the laser welding machine laser, the better the welding consistency;

(2) Welding speed: The higher the welding speed of the laser welding machine, the shallower the penetration will be. At low speed, the molten pool is large and wide, and it is easy to collapse. During high-speed welding, the strongly flowing liquid metal in the middle of the weld solidifies on both sides of the weld because it is too late to redistribute, forming an uneven weld.

(3) Laser waveform: For welding copper, aluminum, gold, and silver highly reflective materials, in order to break through the barrier of high reflectivity, a trapezoidal laser waveform can be used; Rectangular wave or gently decaying waveform.

(4) Pulse frequency: Pulse frequency, spot size and welding speed match each other to achieve the required overlap rate.

(5) Pulse width: The longer the pulse width, the larger the diameter of the solder joint, and the deeper the penetration at the same working distance.

(6) Defocus amount: When the depth of penetration is required to be large, negative defocus is used; when welding thin materials, positive defocus is suitable.

3. The material to be processed

(1) Absorption rate: Some materials have a particularly good absorption rate for laser light, while some materials have poor absorption rate or even no absorption.

(2) Uniformity: The uniformity of the material directly affects the effective use of the material.

4. Fixtures

Laser welding machine fixtures will directly affect the quality of welding.

5. Workbench

The laser welding machine table will affect the processing efficiency and welding effect. The fixture accurately positions and reliably clamps the workpiece to be welded to ensure the accuracy of the welding structure and effectively prevent and reduce welding deformation.

6. Auxiliary gas

The use of inert gas in the welding process of the laser welding machine is to protect the molten pool and make the welding place more smooth and beautiful.

(1) The cost of helium is high, the anti-oxidation effect is good, the degree of ionization is small, and it is not easy to form isoionized bodies.

(2) Argon gas has good anti-oxidation effect and is easy to ionize.

(3) The cost of nitrogen is low, and it is generally used for welding stainless steel.

If you have any questions about laser welding, please leave a message or contact us directly for consultation. Our technical team has rich experience in the laser welding production line of stainless steel industrial pipes, as well as supporting equipment for the laser welding production line (such as online high-speed bright annealing furnace for laser welding pipe mill line, internal weld leveling of welded pipes).




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