Why do We Need to Use Welding Protective Gas When Welding?

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  • Date:2021/09/06

As a pioneering company in the stainless steel industrial welded pipe production equipment industry, Hangao Tech draws conclusions from the user experience. Today, we discuss from a technical point of view that only by changing the composition of the shielding gas, the following five important effects on the welding process will be produced:

(1) Improve the welding wire deposition rate Compared with traditional pure carbon dioxide, argon-rich mixed gas usually brings higher production efficiency. The argon content should exceed 85% to achieve jet transition. Of course, to improve the welding wire deposition rate requires the selection of appropriate welding parameters. The welding effect is usually the result of multiple parameters. Inappropriate welding parameter selection will usually reduce the welding efficiency and increase the slag removal work after welding.

(2) Controlling the spatter and reducing the low ionization potential of the argon after welding slag cleaning improves the arc stability and correspondingly reduces the spatter. The recent new welding power technology controls the spatter of carbon dioxide welding. Under the same conditions, if the mixed gas is used, it can further reduce spatter and expand the welding parameter window.

(3) Control the welding seam formation, reduce excessive welding carbon dioxide welding seam tends to protrude outwards, leading to excessive welding and increasing welding cost. The argon mixed gas is easy to control the welding seam formation and avoid the waste of welding wire.

(4) Improve welding speed. By using argon-rich gas mixture, even if the welding current is increased, the spatter can still be controlled very well. The advantage brought by this is the increase in welding speed, especially for automatic welding, which greatly improves production efficiency.

(5) Control of welding fume. Under the same welding operating parameters, the argon-rich mixture greatly reduces welding fume compared to carbon dioxide. Compared with investing in hardware equipment to improve the welding operation environment, the use of argon-rich gas mixture is an incidental advantage to reduce source pollution.

On the whole, it can be seen that by selecting suitable welding shielding gas, welding quality can be improved, welding total cost can be reduced, and welding efficiency can be improved.

At present, in many industries, argon gas mixtures have been commonly used, but due to various reasons, most domestic enterprises use 80% argon Ar+20% carbon dioxide. In many applications, the shielding gas does not perform optimally. Therefore, choosing the best gas is actually the easiest way to improve the level of product management for a welding enterprise on the way forward. The most important criterion for selecting the best shielding gas is to meet the actual welding requirements to the greatest extent. In addition, a proper gas flow rate is a prerequisite to ensure welding quality, and too much or too small flow rate is not conducive to welding.




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