What Are The Precautions For Decorative Stainless Steel Tubes When Cooling?

  • By:Hangao
  • Date:2021/09/17

Regarding the cooling of decorative stainless steel pipes in the production process, the technical requirements applied here are very high. For example, if the temperature control is not good, resulting in the generation of 316 thermal stress and structural stress, the steel pipe may crack or deform. Next, Hangao Tech (SEKO Machinery) will introduce in detail the knowledge of producing decorative stainless steel pipes for cooling:


Due to the redistribution of internal tension during processing, the decorative stainless steel tube will be deformed, and the processing accuracy cannot be guaranteed. In addition, handling large parts is prone to residual stress. All these stainless steel decorative tubes must stop stress relief after rough machining. The removal of internal stress annealing is usually to decorate the stainless steel tube. At 500-550°C, it was previously used at room temperature for 50 to 100 minutes, 3 to 5 hours or more (depending on the number of installed furnaces) to maintain internal tension for a long time. It is called natural aging, but this method is too long and usually not used.


When the stainless steel decorative tube is cooled, the surface and some thin parts usually produce a white, hard, brittle white structure. Therefore, ordinary stainless steel decorative tubes should be annealed or standardized to eliminate casting defects. The annealing or normalization temperature is mainly between 850 and 950°C. The temperature is maintained for 1-2 hours, cementite is synthesized in graphite and austenite (the first stage of graphitization). Our online continuous bright annealing furnace can help you. It does not need preheating, it can reach the ideal annealing temperature within 10 seconds after starting.


Moreover, it is connected to the PLC system, you can directly see the real-time data, real-time monitoring of air pressure, water flow, working temperature, speed. During the next cooling period of the furnace, secondary cementite and eutectoid cementite will be synthesized in graphite (ie, the second stage of graphitization). Finally, perlite is added to the ferrite or ferrite matrix to reduce the hardness and strength of the casting. In addition, the cementing process is 850-950°C, but the cementite in the standardization process, which can reduce the cooling time of the hardness of the decorative stainless steel tube, can also get a certain strength and hardness of the pearlite matrix together.




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