Summary of Heat Treatment Process of Titanium Tube

  • By:Iris Liang
  • Date:2022/10/14

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The common heat treatment methods of titanium tubes are annealing, heat treatment and tempering. Annealing is to better remove thermal stress, improve plastic deformation and mechanism reliability, in order to get a good comprehensive performance. Generally, the annealing temperature of α alloy and (α+β) alloy is set at 120 ~ 200℃ below the change point of (α+β) ->β phase; The tempering and tempering treatment is based on the rapid cooling of the powder layer to obtain the austenite α 'phase and the sub-stationary β phase. Then the sub-stationary phase is dissolved in China by temperature control and heat insulation, and the subtle diffuse harmonic motion of the second phase such as the α phase or chemical substances is obtained, so as to achieve the purpose of strengthening the alloy.

As a professional steel tube mill manufacturers, Hangao Tech (SEKO Machinery) has rich experience and data about various steel pipes, like titanium alloy pipe, 2205 steel pipe, 300 series steel pipe, duplex steel pipe, and etc., especially on the bright annealing heat treatment process. 

The heat treatment process of titanium tube can be sorted as follows:

(1) Aging treatment and timeliness: in order to better improve the compressive strength, α titanium tube and stable β titanium tube can not be carried out enhanced heat treatment, only annealing in the production and manufacturing. α+β titanium tubes and metastable β titanium tubes with a small amount of α phase can further strengthen the alloy according to the aging treatment and time efficiency.

(2) Complete annealing: the purpose is to better get good ductility, improve production and processing performance, and is beneficial to reproduction and processing and improve the reliability of specifications and mechanisms.

(3) Remove in-situ stress annealing: the purpose is to remove or reduce the internal stress caused in the production process. Avoid organic chemical corrosion and reduce deformation in some corrosive natural environments.

In addition, in order to better consider the special requirements of the product workpiece, the industrial titanium pipe is also selected bidirectional annealing, isothermal annealing, β heat treatment, deformation heat treatment and other metal material heat treatment process.

Titanium tubes are mainly used to make aeroengine compressor components, followed by rockets, cruise missiles and high-speed aircraft structures. In the mid-to-late 1960s, titanium and alloys were used in general industry to make electrodes, chillers for power plants, electric heaters for crude oil refining and desalination equipment, and air pollution control equipment. Titanium and alloys have become a raw material for corrosion-resistant construction. In addition to the production of hydrogen storage raw materials and shape memory alloy.

Titanium tubes have high compressive strength and relatively small density, good mechanical performance, ductility and corrosion resistance is very good. In addition, titanium pipe processing technology performance is poor, drilling production and processing is difficult, in the heat treatment, it is easy to digest and absorb hydrogen nitrogen carbon and other residues. There are also poor wear resistance, complex production process and other shortcomings. However, as an industrial pipe production line manufacturer that has solved various production problems for customers for many years, our online bright annealing induction heating furnace with protective atmosphere tunnel has basically solved the relevant pain points.

The industrial production of titanium was gradually developed in 1948. The development trend of the aviation industry makes the titanium industry grow at an average rate of about 8% per year. At present, the total output of titanium pipe production and processing materials worldwide has reached more than 40,000 tons, with nearly 30 types of titanium pipe. The most commonly used titanium tubes are Ti-6Al-4V(TC4),Ti-5Al-2.5Sn(TA7) and industrial pure titanium (TA1, TA2 and TA3).




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